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A diverse board is not only good governance, but also an important demand of shareholders and stakeholders alike. On the heels of the recent proposal filed by Nasdaq, now is the time to ensure your company cultivates a diverse pipeline of board candidates and is ready to meet future legal requirements. Get started on this journey with Diligent’s Director Network. Tap into the largest and most diverse pool of board members and board-ready talent in the world.


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Run a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive nominations process

With Director Network, you can supplement your board member search with candidates sourced from diversity-focused leadership groups, nominated by current board members, or from within the existing Diligent customer community.


Identify diverse, board-ready talent and expand your candidate pool.


Share board opportunities to include more diverse candidates in your search process.


Support diverse talent and recommend the next generation of rising directors.

Diverse Rising Director Candidates


Network of directors and leaders globally


Organizations use Diligent worldwide

Deeper Director Engagement with Value-Added Capabilities

Diligent customers get the most return on investment by leveraging all our value-added capabilities. Directors are more engaged and more informed with less effort required.


Use Across Multiple Boards

Diligent is the preferred solution for many directors sitting on multiple boards, who enjoy a consistent and stable user experience across each board they sit on.


Data & Analytics

Diligent solutions come with value-added tools that provide a streamlined data and analytics around current news, trends, public sentiment and more.


Investing in Your Success

Beyond making the highest investment in product innovation in the industry, Diligent stands behind our customers with superlative support (24/7/365 in 5 seconds or less), seasoned success advisors, and unlimited training.


In-app Governance Content

Curated & personalized governance content exclusively created for board directors from contributors like PwC, Boardroom Resources, NACD, and Diligent Institute.

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Hear more about Diligent's initiative to help companies build more diverse and inclusive b oards, setting the tone of change from the top.

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