Operationalize ESG Principles

In September 2020, the Word Economic Forum's International Business Council published a consolidated set of ESG global standards. On the back of this news, boards and executives have the opportunity to understand the implications of these new ESG principles and how their organizations can leverage technology to operationalize them and measure their impact in practice.
ESG Solutions:

Track Progress Against ESG Standards

Diligent Compliance

With Diligent Compliance, organizations have access to a library of standards and regulatory obligations to measure, track and improve overall progress toward their ESG goals. The all-in-one platform has built-in solutions for internal audit, risk management and improvement planning.

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Benchmark Practices With Governance Analytics

Diligent partner CGLytics

With Diligent partner CGLytics, organizations access the
largest governance data set in the world that is also used by
leading proxy advisor, Glass Lewis. With board effectiveness
scores and executive compensation models the platform
flags potential discrepancies in diversity, governance and
executive pay.

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Monitor News & Stakeholder Sentiment

Diligent Governance Intel

With Diligent Governance Intel, organizations automate news
tracking across tens of thousands of sources to keep a finger
on the pulse of ESG trends, regulations and, most importantly,
stakeholder sentiment. Organizations can access health
scores for their company, industry and competitors, enabling
them to identify red flags and keep their board and leadership
team informed.

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Diligent’s ESG Solutions Enable Organizations to:

  • Define and activate the commitment to environmental, social and good governance causes
  • Turn standards and guidelines into tangible, measurable activities and outcomes
  • Gather pivotal intelligence from thousands of news sources
  • Measure governance health and identify risks and red flags
  • Visualize progress towards bold, long-term ESG promises

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