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Many boards conduct business with solutions cobbled together from enterprise-wide applications. Yet elsewhere in the organization, nearly every other function — from sales to manufacturing — benefits from the latest technology to capitalize on opportunities while managing risks.

It stands to reason that organizations should similarly implement technology to attain secure, efficient and collaborative environments for their boards.

To help your organization identify the best board meeting software for your board, we’ve compiled a list of considerations to keep in mind to ensure you start 2021 off on the right foot.


Modern Governance is our core business

Diligent Boards, used by 50% of the Fortune 1000, provides boards and executives with modern governance tools that allows the board to expand their reach outside the boardroom as well as meeting requirements such as distribution of board meeting materials in a secure environment.

  • Easily manage agendas, annotations, documents, discussions of board meetings, and board meeting minutes quickly and securely
  • Provide real-time updates to board materials anywhere on-the-go from their phone, tablets, computers, or even offline
  • Collaborate in a secure environment so the board of directors can easily make annotations and share them with the whole board or just individual members before, during or after a board meeting
  • Run remote meetings easily, confidently and securely with virtual board meeting capabilities






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