2021 Modern Governance Europe Event

Virtual Conference
June 17th, 2021
9am - 1pm BST

Modern Governance Summit is hitting the road.
Join us for our European event!

In November 2020, Diligent’s Modern Governance Summit (virtually) hit the road and came to Europe. After bringing together guest speakers, industry leaders, and hundreds of governance professionals, we’ve listened to your feedback, and the Modern Governance Europe event is back by popular demand.

This half-day event will provide you with an opportunity to network with your peers, hear from industry experts on thought leadership sessions, and learn more about Diligent’s Modern Governance Platform. With this and so much more, the virtual event is designed to elevate governance practices across your organisation.

The virtual conference is FREE to register. CPD credit will also be offered. Take the opportunity to learn more about modern governance and extend your knowledge.


  • CPD Credits: Get CPD credits for attending great knowledge-packed sessions.
  • Keynote Sessions: Learn about Diligent’s vision from and gain real-world insight from special guest speakers.
  • Thought Leadership: Hear from your peers on emerging governance trends, enhancing your effectiveness and leadership skills, and adding value to your organisation.
  • 1:1 Meetings: Schedule time to meet with us and share your ideas.
  • Product Sessions: Take a deep dive into Diligent’s Modern Governance Platform to discover the most important features to use.
  • Networking: Access our virtual networking lounge to meet and engage with other governance professionals.
  • Conference Materials: Access all session content and download slides and digital handouts post-conference.



At the 2021 Modern Governance Europe Event, each virtual session will discuss powerful ideas around topics that matter the most today. As a registrant, you will be able to access all session content live and on-demand.

Thursday, June 17

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM BST

New Demands Call for Transformational Leadership

As companies emerge from the pandemic, they’re looking ahead to a changed world: heightened risks, evolving compliance obligations, elevated stakeholder expectations and increased scrutiny in every area of business. As organisations grapple with this shifting landscape, the need for modern governance has never been more urgent. Success in this transformative era will depend on leaders at every level of the organisation who are willing to propel ESG initiatives, drive greater diversity, create operational synergies, sharpen their risk and compliance frameworks, and be more purpose-driven – not only within their walls, but across a distributed workforce and throughout their communities.

Join us as SVP & Managing Director of International at Diligent, Liam Healy, kicks off the 2021 Modern Governance Event Europe introducing the thought leadership sessions covering these critical topics shaping the future of modern governance. Liam will also share how as the world’s largest GRC Saas company, Diligent is building the new operating system of corporate responsibility to enable you to accelerate digital transformation and emerge stronger on the other side.

Resize_Liam Healy

Liam Healy

SVP & Managing Director – International, Diligent

9:30 AM - 10:15 AM BST

Adapting to a Virtual World: The Future of Board Meetings

Over the course of the pandemic, boards were forced to establish new ways of working. Transitioning to a virtual environment brought many challenges, but it also brought many opportunities to redesign how board members interact and make decisions. According to a recent Diligent Institute survey, only 32% of board members intend to return to all in-person meetings, with the majority opting for either fully virtual or hybrid meeting schedules.

In this session, a panel of board members will reflect on the transition to digital, the implications for board effectiveness, and the best working models for boards and committees moving forward.

  • Emerging from the pandemic, what trends are we seeing across boardrooms? How have board meetings evolved?
  • In what ways have boards become more effective? What lessons can be applied moving forward?
  • Where are there still gaps or risks related to virtual working models?
  • What’s the “new normal” for board meeting formats? What does a hybrid model look like?
Ana Plaza - Headshot

Ana Plaza

Independent Director and Audit Committee Chair

Currently serving on Linea Directa Aseguradora (Public), Corporación Financiera Alba (Public) and Groupe Renault España

Karen K

Karen Kaveney

Senior Manager, Corporate Secretarial Services, Law Debenture, a Diligent partner

Yiannis Petrides - Headshot

Yiannis Petrides

Director on the Board of PUIG and Chairman of PUIG’s Audit and Compliance Committee

Senior Industry Advisor for Triton and Lead Independent Director and Chair of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of Mytilineos S.A.

EAK photo

Eileen Kamerick

Member of the Board of Directors for Associated Banc-Corp, AIG Funds, Hochchild Mining plc., 23 closed end Legg Mason mutual funds, Alzheimer’s Association, and ACV Auto Auctions.

An NACD Board Leadership Fellow, lecturer at University of Chicago Law School, Georgetown University Law Center, and University of Iowa College of Law.

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM BST

Risk & Compliance: Keeping Pace in a Dynamic Landscape

Security threats, rising stakeholder expectations and distributed business models continually introduce new risks into the corporate ecosystem. At the same time, evolving regulations and geopolitical developments require deeper focus on compliance across the entire enterprise.

In this session, a panel of risk professionals share their views on staying abreast of evolving risk management practices, shifting regulatory obligations and what an effective model of reporting up to the board looks like.

  • What risks are top of mind for board members? What risks are top of mind for general counsels and chief risk officers?
  • How have information needs evolved over the course of the pandemic?
  • How are companies dealing with the new risk and compliance challenges that have been brought by Brexit?
  • How is automation having a positive influence on risk and compliance management, and are those gains being elevated to the board?
Ezekiel Ward, North Star Compliance.

Zeke Ward

Founder, North Star Compliance Ltd

Daniel Connell - headshot

Daniel Connell

Partner, Deloitte

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM BST

Board Diversity: Strategies for Building a Diverse Pipeline

Investors, regulators and other company stakeholders will continue to focus on board diversity – an area they view as critical to long-term company performance. Boards often have the right intentions towards diversity, but they report various challenges to building a diverse pipeline. How can boards start to overcome these obstacles?

In this session, a panel of experts discuss strategies for discovering diverse talent:

  • How are high-performing boards approaching diversity and identifying talent?
  • What are the most common obstacles and strategies for overcoming them?
  • How are boards leveraging technology to bridge the gaps?
Meghan Day

Meghan Day

Senior Director of Board Member Experience, Diligent and co-host of The Corporate Director Podcast

Lola Young

Baroness Young of Hornsey

Member of the House of Lords, non-executive director of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, and Chancellor of the University of Nottingham


Larissa Keijzer

Executive Director, Regional Head EMEA, Network Capabilities, Grant Thornton

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM BST

Leveraging Advanced Governance Analytics to Guide Decision Making

While the speed of business is accelerating—and leaders are encountering more challenges and expectations than ever before—many organisations are not leveraging board and executive intelligence as a competitive advantage. Technology is the answer, enabling organisations to respond more boldly to moving targets like COVID-19 and ESG, as well as giving them the ability to guide and defend their decision making with confidence.

In this session we will:

  • Explore stakeholder capitalism and the impact it can have on an organisation
  • Learn about the role insights and analytics play in empowering forward thinking modern governance practices
  • Explore cutting-edge capabilities organisations can use to assess where they stand, prioritise action, and measure the results
  • A walk-through of capabilities from Diligent’s Advanced Governance Analytics solution
Michael Murgatroyd

Michael Murgatroyd

Product Specialist, Diligent

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM BST

Transforming Governance with Board & Leadership Collaboration

In today’s landscape, organisations need to build, motivate, and empower visionary, high performing teams of directors and executives. They need their leadership team to be agile, nimble and empowered to make smart decisions. Without the right tools, the speed of business and pace of change can introduce risks to the organisation – from who they hire, to how they collaborate, to the tools they use to do so.

In this session we will:

  • Delve into key considerations and risks for directors, and the role modern governance has to play in today’s organisation
  • Discuss steps leaders can take to achieve key governance outcomes and mitigate risks
  • Provide examples of how organisations across the EMEA region utilise technology to securely collaborate, drive digitisation and operational excellence for board, committee, and executive meetings.
  • A walk-through of capabilities from Diligent’s Board and Leadership Collaboration solution
rachel simon pic

Rachel Simon

Product Marketing Director, Diligent

Maria lopez

Maria Lopez

Product Marketing Manager, Diligent

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM BST

Drive Strategic Growth with Entity & Operational Governance

Reliable data is essential to strategic governance. It begins with a centralised corporate record that governance and compliance teams can rely on with up-to-date entity and subsidiary information and a clear understanding of risk. Investment in better risk, compliance, and entity governance technology accelerates operational maturity, all serving to enhance an organisation’s ability to achieve the three most important goals of any business: growth, profitability, and brand equity.

In this session we will:

  • Discuss key governance trends and challenges organisations are facing today
  • Detail the four steps organisations can take to practice effective entity governance
  • Take examples of how organisations are utilising technology to drive strategic growth through better entity and operational governance.
  • A walk-through of capabilities from Diligent’s Operational Governance solution

Tolu Ajimoko

Director, Product Management, Diligent


Christopher Allen

Product Marketing Director, Diligent

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM BST

How to Build, Strengthen and Digitally Transform your Modern Governance Practice

Modern governance is the foundation for financial integrity, investor confidence, stakeholder capitalism, and sustainable performance. In order to unlock modern governance, organisations need to digitise their governance practices with a platform that combines the technology, insights and processes in a single solution.

In this session we will:

  • Look at how governance has evolved (and is still evolving), and the impact it can have on organisations being left behind
  • Explore challenges modern governance is overcoming, and the business drivers being supported
  • Discuss how organisations are becoming more forward thinking and innovative with the digital transformation
  • Learn how Diligent’s Modern Governance Platform can help you build, strengthen and digitally transform your modern governance practice

Andrew Whitehead

Client Executive, Diligent

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM BST

Additional Breakout Sessions

A second opportunity to join a breakout session of your choice. You can choose from:

  • Transforming Governance with Board & Leadership Collaboration
  • Drive Strategic Growth with Entity & Operational Governance
  • Leveraging Advanced Governance Analytics to Guide Decision Making
  • How to Build, Strengthen and Digitally Transform your Modern Governance Practice


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