Assessing Your Cyber Risk Score


Staying aware of cyber risks is one of the most pressing issues for boards and executives today.

As organisations continue on the path to a digitally led future, directors and leaders must ensure they take the right steps and put the right measures in place to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Boards must be aware of any vulnerabilities – from potential data breaches to third–party partnerships – to be aware of the risk if pre–emptive measures are not put in place.

In this white paper, we highlight the importance of accessing and understanding your cyber risk score. A cyber risk scorecard offers clear data to help directors to identify relevant and actionable intelligence, and apply that intelligence to decision-making.

In this white paper, we delve deep into:

  • Why effective risk oversight starts at the top
  • How a cyber risk scorecard drives more efficient and effective cyber risk management
  • Scenarios where having a cyber risk scorecard is beneficial
  • The role a cyber risk scorecard has to play in the governance ecosystem

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Download the whitepaper today to find out more

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